Real Diving
Here at Uk Diving Academy we are always keeping in touch with our equipment distributors on a regular basis, to ensure we are as up to date on product knowledge, distributor aims and goals and to obviously check in with our dive buddies! 

We have been working alongside Reel Diving for some time now and we were ecstatic to be invited to come and visit the team in Sweden. We packed our bags and jetted off to Gothenburg with haste, a quick flight followed by a coach through the beautiful Swedish countryside, not a bad start to the week, right? 

As the rest of the dealers were arriving in dribs and drabs, We got the chance to explore Gothenburg in all its glory, exploring the waterline around the city for a bite to eat. 

Who are Reel Diving?

Reel Diving was founded back in 2009 by Johan Ó Cíobháin Enqvist, the Reel team consists of Johan, Jamie, Marcin, Oscar & Tiffany who were all extremely welcoming and very VERY knowledgable. Reel represents manufacturers such as Halcyon, Santi, Suex, Avatar, Cressi, Shark Dive Gear, Kwark, JJ-CCR, K01 and Ammonite amongst many others! 

Johan explained his latest technical exploration adventures, including mapping mines kilometres long and extremely deep, not for the faint hearted by any means. 

Reel Diving's warehouse includes a wet area, a drying room, a glueing room, a sewing workshop with various sewing machines, a mechanical workshop with a lathe, drill press and sanding station, as well as designated stations for CCR, DPV, regulator and valve service. 

Why were we in Sweden?

Reel Diving had invited us out to visit so we can have a better understanding of who Reel Diving are, how they work and the ethos behind the brand. With companies such as Uk Diving Academy and Reel Diving, it's hard to understand the scale and processes behind the businesses. By giving us this insider sneak peak, it helps us to provide greater customer service by learning a broader range of knowledge for the products we sell within the industry.

 Day 1:

Upon arrival at Reel Diving, given a behind the scenes tour of the warehouses. 

Johan showed us his personal rebreather museum, each one has been personally dived by him! Very impressive.

We then started on our Halcyon regulator service course with Marcin, who was absolutely fantastic at teaching us everything we needed to know! 


Day 2

An "early" start in the morning so we had more than enough time to travel to Smögen 

When we arrived at Smögen we headed over to Smögen Dyk & Upplevelse to meet with our dive team for the day!

Dive 1 - Get Wet & Try Out The New Kit

After our dive briefing with Tiffany we got to jump in and try out all the new equipment we have been learning about,  

Dive 2 - Scooters!




Danny's Kit Review!

The kit that Danny was lucky enough to use was as follows:
  • Halcyon H75 & Halo regs, Legend 40lb wing & cinch system
  • SHARK Artemis umbilical torch and technical fins
  • Santi Elite+ drysuit
  • Santi Kango undersuit
  • Suex recreational DPV

Handling the Halcyon regulators, you can immediately feel the quality and durability of the first and second stages. Built from high quality materials, these regs thrive within the dive community due to their ability to be thrown straight into extreme conditions and excel at their performance. The weight to the regulators indicates the robust design can take an absolute beating and not be phased at all. The H75’s routing is phenomenal for twinset divers and the Halo second stage provided an unbelievable breathe within the Swedish seas, sipping my back gas like a warm brew, delightful! The Halcyon cinch system, where has this been all my life?! The ease of jumping in and out of a twinset just by simply pulling the harness looser, what a game changer! I will most definitely be adding this to my personal kit to make life so much easier! 

The Halcyon 40lb Legend wing acts like any other, giving the diver great comfort and trim within the water. The shape is designed to match the curve of the cylinders to provide stable even lift, encouraging horizontal trim at all times. The Legends high profile kidney dump valve was easy to find and effortlessly maintained trim. The outer nylon shell is designed to protect the inner bladder from cuts and abrasions whilst the inner bladder itself is resistant to punctures, the two layers work together to provide the best protection possible. 

The Santi Elite+ drysuit looks incredible, no arguments. Its INSANE finish quality was absolutely breath taking, right down to the quadruple layered stitches to ensure durability and suit longevity. Santi have gone above and beyond with their drysuit range, allowing completely customisable and made to measure drysuits to whatever spec you want. The Si-Tec valves worked a treat, needing little to no effort to auto-dump any stray gas on our ascent, the less you have to worry about the little things, the more you can enjoy the dive. 

The Santi Kango is the latest under suit from Santi and had not even been released yet. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re in a sauna on the surface it’s that warm, but by the time you jump into the cold waters, you’ll be appreciative of it then! Simple designs, wide ankle loops to ensure the leg doesn’t roll up when you’re sliding into the suit, pockets, heating routing and more.

Upon first inspection of the brand new SHARK Artemis umbilical torch, the design and finish of the Artemis is exquisite, the build quality is phenomenal. Speaking with the Reel Diving team, their initial battery tests were: High Beam (~3hr), Mid Beam (~7hr) and Low Beam (22hr+) ((They stopped testing after 22 hours as it was still going strong!)). The Artemis' 6000 Lumens was more than enough for the ~20m that we were exploring, so I was running mainly on Mid Beam for the duration of the dive. Even the umbilical wire felt amazing, with a grip-like feel, stowing and routing the umbilical stays where it should so you don't end up with trailing lines throughout your lovely streamlined kit! 

Not only have Reel Diving created the Artemis, they have also created their very own jet-fins. The simple re-design allows your entire foot to fully reach the end of the fin, giving far more manoeuvrability within the water. The outer rim of the fins are extremely rigid, which allows effortless motion within the water, which is no mean feat in a twinset and drysuit! I can honestly say that I believe that these SHARK fins will take over the technical dive market very, VERY quickly, I'd quite happily hang up my RK3s in replacement of the SHARKs. 

Ashley's Kit Review!

The kit that Ashley was lucky enough to use was as follows:
  • Halcyon H75 & Halo regs, Zero Gravity
  • SHARK Artemis hand held torch and technical fins
  • Santi Elite+ drysuit
  • Santi R190 undersuit
  • Suex recreational DPV

When dealing with the Halcyon regulators, you immediately senses the superior quality and durability of both the first and second stages. Crafted from top-notch materials, these regulators have earned widespread acclaim within the diving community for their capacity to withstand extreme conditions and deliver outstanding performance. The regulators' weight underscores the robust design, demonstrating an ability to endure significant stress without any impact on functionality.

The H75's configuration is exceptionally well-suited for Sidemount Divers, while the Halo second stage offers an unparalleled breathing experience, akin to savoring a warm brew while exploring the waters of Sweden.

Zero Gravity puts the buoyancy over the hips and along the sides of the rib cage where buoyancy is desired. The air chamber positioning gives the Zero Gravity a flat and streamlined profile on the back of the diver. The streamlined design with a unique U-shaped bladder provides an almost free and clean back that reduces your profile and drag when in the water. The outer back is reinforced against abrasion.

A harness system with multiple point adjustment is styled after the standard backplate harness, with the lower portion of the strap going behind the diver, allowing for greater freedom of movement and comfort. Another advantage of the Halcyon Zero Gravity Sidemount System is that it is a small and compact unit which will pack nicely along with other gear for travel.

The Santi Elite+ drysuit is truly remarkable, leaving no room for debate. Its astonishing finish quality is nothing short of breathtaking, down to the meticulous quadruple-layered stitches that guarantee both durability and prolonged suit life. Santi has truly exceeded expectations with their drysuit range, offering the flexibility of completely customizable and made-to-measure suits tailored to individual specifications.

The Si-Tec valves on the drysuit function seamlessly, requiring minimal effort to automatically purge any stray gas during ascent. This attention to detail means less concern about the little things, allowing divers to fully enjoy their underwater experiences without unnecessary distractions. Santi's commitment to excellence is evident in the thoughtful design and performance features of the Elite+ drysuit, making it a standout choice for those seeking top-tier quality and functionality in their diving gear.

The Santi Flex 190 Undersuit is flexible, durable and windproof. It is ideal if you dive in waters from 7°C to 14°C and look for a perfect combination of less bulk and more comfort. With the revolutionary, patented slim insulation from Climashield®, Flex 190 Undersuit offers the most innovative spring/summer diving undersuit ever – no bulk, great flexibility thanks to four-way stretch, top-level breathability and easy care.

Flex 190 is a great alternative for a light undersuit for those who choose no restriction of movements under the drysuit and value the highest quality and design.

The SHARK Artemis handheld torch, upon initial inspection, showcases an exquisite design and finish, coupled with a phenomenal build quality. Conversations with the Reel Diving team revealed impressive battery test results for the Artemis: approximately 3 hours on High Beam, around 7 hours on Mid Beam, and an astonishing 22 hours or more on Low Beam (with testing halted at 22 hours as it continued to perform admirably). The torch's 6000 Lumens proved more than sufficient for exploring depths of around 20 meters, allowing for extended use on Mid Beam during the entire dive. The attention to detail in both performance and user experience makes the SHARK Artemis a standout choice for underwater exploration.

Reel Diving has not only introduced the Artemis but has also crafted their own jet-fins. The straightforward redesign enables your entire foot to reach the fin's end, significantly enhancing maneuverability in the water. The fins' outer rim boasts remarkable rigidity, facilitating effortless motion underwater. Personally, I'm confident that these SHARK fins will rapidly dominate the technical dive market. I'd trade in my RK3s for the SHARKs.