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Cylinder Testing for Scuba Diving and Air Gun Cylinders is required periodically for all compressed gas bottles. This comprises of hydrostatic testing (hydro) and valve service every 5 years from the date of manufacture or if a visual test date has been missed. A visual inspection (visual) and valve service is required within 2 ½ years from the date of manufacture or the last hydrostatic test. If the visual test is missed then the cylinder will require a hydrostatic test.

Air Gun Cylinders for charging air guns/rifles require a hydrostatic test within 5 years of manufacture. To meet the regulations for being an Air Gun Charging Cylinder, the cylinder valve must be fitted with a surface use only valve, ie must include gauge and pressure bleed. Scuba cylinders which are used with an air gun charging adapter will fall under the same regulations as scuba cylinders, as they “can” be used underwater, even if this is not what you are using it for.

Whether it's a visual check up or the full hydrostatic testing your scuba dive cylinder is in safe hands with us here at Uk Diving Academy.

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