Uk Diving Academy Approved Training Provider are committed to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are embedded into everything we do. Together we promote a work environment that is inclusive and diverse, and where our people can be themselves.

This Policy is shaped by the protected characteristics outlined by the Equality Act 2010 (age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage & civil partnership, pregnancy & maternity, race, religion & belief, sexual orientation)

This policy also reinforces our commitment to providing equality and fairness to all and not provide less favorable facilities or treatment. All those completing, delivery, or assessing IQL UK qualifications should have equal opportunities.

We do not tolerate unfair treatment or unlawful discrimination, whether intentional or unintentional, direct, or indirect of any kind.


This policy cover 3 broad areas:

Equality means treating everyone with fairness and respect and recognising the needs of individuals. It is about addressing existing disadvantage affecting how different people participate in society.

Diversity is about recognising, valuing and taking account of people's different backgrounds, knowledge, skills, needs and experiences, and encouraging and using those differences to create a cohesive community and effective workforce.

Equal Opportunities is the development of practices that promote the possibility of fair and equal chances for all to develop their full potential in all aspects of life and the removal of barriers of discrimination and oppression experienced by certain groups.

Policy Statement

All staff, candidates, trainers, assessors and all other relevant personal involved with the delivery or assessing of IQL UK qualification and awards, should have equal opportunity to access qualifications, assessments, related products and services and that the content of the qualifications and assessments should reflect the wide diverse audience. We strive to support candidates of all abilities, and to ensure qualifications are awarded in a way that is fair to everyone whilst ensuring the integrity of the qualification is kept. Where applicable ensuring reasonable adjustments or special considerations are applied for.

It is morally wrong to discriminate directly or indirectly and hinder equality of opportunity. Thus, it is our intention to ensure that no person is subject to unfair treatment in any way and we recognise our responsibilities and legal obligations. 

Policy Aims

We aim to:

  • Promote environments where individual differences and contributions of all are recognised and valued
  • Encourage environments that promote dignity and respect for all
  • Not tolerate any form of discrimination, intimidation, bullying or harassment and to take appropriate action for any breach of this policy
  • Promote equality which we believe is good management practice and make sound business sense.
  • Encourage anyone who feels they have been subject to discrimination to raise their concerns so corrective measures may be implemented
  • Encourage all to treat other with respect and dignity
  • Regularly review practices and procedures so that fairness is always maintained

Our Commitments

  • We are committed to providing equal opportunities to our employees, candidates, trainers, and assessors along with all other relevant personal in an inclusive manner and encouraging diversity in the workplace.
  • We do not tolerate any unlawful or unfair discrimination, and anyone found to be acting in a discriminatory manner may face disciplinary action, which could include dismissal. Everyone has a duty to report unlawful or unfair discriminatory behavior to a member of management. We actively promote equal opportunities and require everyone to contribute towards achieving this objective.
  • We believe that treating people with dignity and respect is an important part of realising equal opportunities and diversity.

We will enable all candidates the ability to have equal access to training and assessment for qualifications irrespective of their sex, marital status, age, religion, race, nationality or ethnic origin or disability ensuring the integrity of the IQL UK qualification or awards is being upheld. It may be that we need to apply to IQL UK to apply for either a reasonable adjustment or a special consideration

Referring Complaints

Where complaints relating to issues of inequality cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the ATC/P, candidates must be made aware of their right to appeal to IQL UK via the arrangements outlined in our Appeals Policy.

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