We are helping to creating the balance between humanity and the ocean.

At the UK Diving Academy we believe that one of the most significant ways we can honour our legacy and give back to current and future generations is to do our part to run the company responsibly. UK Diving Academy fully support and is proud to be part of a sustainable dive industry and protect the ocean on which all life depends.

Our Vision

Our Four Pillars of sustainability reflect of our core brand values and the commitments we hold for the betterment of people and planet. By engaging our local and international communities to actively pursue a course of action to address ocean challenges, we aim to achieve a balance between humanity and the ocean.

Pillar 1 - Inspire

At Uk Diving Academy we believe that diving is open to everyone and by fostering diversity and development and by inspiring people to coming together to help create a global diving community.  We are using our passion for diving, and are turning this into a purpose, whereby we can initiate a spark to bring about change that allows others to follow our inspiration and light.  It is through UK Diving Academy, that we are at the forefront to inspire and encourage the next generation of torchbearers and ocean influencers as we walk into the future together. 

Pillar 2 - Educate

Education plays an essential role in everything we do, from creating a better understanding of our planet, to learning about making better choices with our equipment and lifestyles, to taking courses that enable you to become scuba divers or improve on skills already attained. We believe this is an important aspect for each and every one of us. 

Pillar 3 - Explore

At UK Diving Academy, our goal is to train more people in scuba diving.  We are ready to share our passion with those new to scuba diving, and those wishing to take their scuba diving skills further, in readiness to have an adventure in any of the world’s oceans visiting its creatures, corals and wrecks that lie beneath.   We are passionate about the world that lies beneath the sea!  Our hope is that you too will find your love for the ocean.

Pillar 4 - Protect

UK Diving Academy believes that through scuba diving, we can get people closer to the truth and consequences of any threats to underwater habitats and its creatures by helping other in understanding what is happening currently to our oceans and the need to protect them.  We hope this will help scuba divers to pass on this awareness to others so that together, we can all take action to protect and save these oceans not only for the life that exists within them, but also for our own sakes and future generations. 

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