The UK Diving Academy Youth Programme is desinged to reach one of the most important group of divers out there as we seek to restore balance between humans and the ocean.

We need to pass the torch to this new generation of divers and get them excited about conservation so they are able to continue mission to save the ocean for years to come as our Ocean Influencers of the future.

Did you know that it’s possible to incorporate scuba diving in a multitude of extra-curricular award activities? Using Scouting, Girlguiding or DofE activities is a perfect excuse to encourage young people to take up a fascinating new hobby like scuba.

Whether learning to scuba dive is used as a reason for learning new skills and ways to communicate, as a stepping stone to a future career, or maybe just because they have an interest in our oceans, a diving accreditation can be used as evidence towards a number of different awards.

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