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7L Aluminium Cylinder 200 Bar With Valve

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7 Litre Aluminium cylinder package, in natural finish, perfect for use for side mount, cave or general diving either singly or in pairs. 200 Bar Working Pressure, weighs only 9.2 Kgs when empty complete with valve, measures 152mm in diameter and 615mm tall, plus valve. Supplied complete with M25X2 EN-144-3 DIN convertible cylinder valve, allowing use with either DIN or A-Clamp 1st Stage Pressure Reducing Valves. Our Aluminium cylinders are manufactured from superior quality, high strength aluminium alloy and are made to European Community TPED & PED specification. Being made from aluminium they are very light and are less susceptible to corrosion. Our Aluminium cylinders feature a flat base and are supplied cleaned for use with Nitrox. 1449 Litre gas capacity when fully charged. Oxygen cleaned and ready for use with Nitrox or Trimix if assembled in an appropriate environment with O2 clean valves & equipment. Approximate Buoyancy of 1.52 Kg when empty and -0.21 Kg filled to capacity including Valve in Sea Water.

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