Fourth Element

Ellipse Suit Rings (unfitted)

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A simple, reliable, ergonomic system, designed to provide an easy solution for dry gloves.

The ergonomic elliptical shape offers a slimmer profile whilst still allowing a larger hand to pass through.

Aligning the glove and suit rings is made easier by an intuitive key system; the gloves are attached by pressing the rings together. A robust nitrile O-ring provides a reliable seal for the gloves which will stay secured throughout the dive.

Removing the gloves is a simple process, using the heel of your hand pop off one side of the glove ring to break the seal.

Designed by fourth element and manufactured for us by Si-Tech.

Supplied without silicone seals, this option is used to convert an existing suit which has QCS oval already fitted.

Includes: 2 suit rings, 2 silicone bands and branded case.

Does not include: silicone seals, silicone grease, glove rings, O-rings or O-ring tool.

For installation instructions click here.

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