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Gear Gulper Dive Equipment Storage Box - Black

The Gear Gulper can swallow all your dive kit in a solid dry container! Measuring 46x70x36 cm This box has a locking lid and is waterproof, tough and durable. We have relaunched this product and it is in stock and ready to ship!

Our Gear Gulper dive equipment storage box is now available in 3 colours:

  • All Blue
  • All Black
  • Black with Red Lid

The gear Gulper is a high strength, high density plastic, lidded box. As the container has NO drain holes it is suitable for either wet or dry kit. Great for taking straight from the boat to the car, also as a kit washing bin. Specially designed to enable secure stacking of more than one box. Be sure to compare like with like. Some other boxes are not so big.

Gear Gulper Dimensions

The Gear Gulper is 70cms long by 46cms wide by 36cms high Capacity of 80 litres. 3 colours available: Black, Blue, Black / Red Lid.

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