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Magic Fin Monofin (Youth)

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Colour: Black
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A monofin is a type of a swimming aid that is often used by professional swimmers and free divers. Monofin consists of a single flat surface that is attached to both of the swimmer’s feet, which therefore makes a swimmer look like a mermaid or merman.

Planet Mermaid monofins are designed to be easy to put on and take off. They are comfortable, flexible and highly durable. To put a monofin on you just need to pull up fabric-made "socks" and they will hold monofin on your feet, means no ankle straps causing blisters as you can get with other fins.

  • Rubberised protective end caps to protect monofin tips
  • Fits a wide range of shoe sizes - 11-6 (UK), 29-39 (EU), 11-8.5 (US).
  • Adult sized monofin sizes are available 
  • Specially engineered fin insert that is super strong and won't break.
  • Made from dive grade neoprene.
  • Significant improvement on other breakable plastic and polycarbonate monofins.
  • Comes if three different colours
  • Compatible with all Planet Mermaid mermaid tails.

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