Oxygen First Aid for Acquatic Emergencies

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The course DAN Oxygen First Aid for Acquatic Emergencies is studied to teach Emergency Oxygen First Aid in case of non diving related acquatic accident.

The course DAN Oxygen first Aid for Acquatic Emergencies trains to use Oxygen as first aid, when there's an emergency due to acquatic environment. This program provides basic tools to recognise acquatic emergencies such as drowning, allowing to understand the main causes and to manage the victim properly. This course is strongly recommended for rescuers working in aquatic emergencies (Lifeguards, Firefighters, Coast Guard, etc.)

Main objectives
  • Respiratory and circulatory Sistem
  • Early symptoms, life-threatening signs and levels of drowning
  • Oxygen and First Aid Oxygen Kit
  • How to provide First Aid to an injured person 
  • Scene safety assessme
  • First assesment - BLS
  • Providing Care with an AED 
  • Components of DAN Oxygen Unit
  • Oronasal resuscitation Mask
  • Non-rebreather mask
  • DAN Oxygen equipment assembly and disassembly

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