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The Scubapro Hydros Pro is a unique wing style BCD that features a modular harness made from the same tough Monprene material as the Scubapro Seawing Nova fins, making it incredibly strong, durable and weight conscious.

The modular design of the Hydros Pro makes it very versatile and customisable. It can be switched from a fully weight integrated BC to a stripped-down travel-ready, lightweight harness system with just the change of a few clips and buckles. With between 35 and 40 lb (15 - 18kg) of lift depending on BCD size, the Hydros Pro is more than capable for UK diving and now doubles up as your travel BCD as well, eliminating the need for a second BCD for your holidays.

The harness is made up of interchangeable Monprene components which are very hard-wearing. Still, this modular and interchangeable design allows parts to be switched, upgraded and replaced in the future. The design also makes packing far easier as the BCD folds down into a neat little package that can be stowed into your luggage or into the handy backpack that it comes with.

The unique harness adjusts to your body shape, providing improved fit and comfort as well as providing a high grip surface to prevent the BCD and cylinder moving around. The choice of materials and design allows the BC to be near zero buoyancy when in the water which may even allow you to get rid of some of that lead.

The system is highly customisable, allowing you to add, remove, or replace weight systems, bungees, D-rings, accessories and pockets to make the Hydros Pro BCD truly your own. With a wide range of mountable accessories and kits, your options are endless and can quickly be changed based upon the dive and conditions. Please note that in order to mount a knife on the BCD you need the BCD Knife Mounting Kit.

We've made it easy to configure your new Hydros Pro and ensure you get all the right components using our Package Builder.

Other Hydros Pro accessories that can be purchased separately include:

  • Colour kits
  • BCD knife mounting kit
  • Mini D-ring set
  • Ninja cargo pocket kit
  • Thigh pocket kit
  • Accessory bungee kit
  • Hydros Pro Tool- Used to change the colour kits and accessories.

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