Sale price£2,295.00

Length mm 720 (inch 28.3)
Width mm 340 (inch 12.9)
Height mm 425 (inch 16.7)
Body diameter mm 200 (inch 7.8)
Weight without battery kg 11,50 (lb 24.5)
Weight with battery kg 16,50 (lb 35.3)
Material type Tecnopolymers/Polycarbonate
Max Static thrust N 200 (lb 44.96)
Top speed mt/min 65 (ft/min 213)
Other information Runtime-range
Maximum operational depth mt 101 (ft 331)
Buoyancy/ trim Tecnopolymers/Polycarbonate
In-water usage temperature °C -5/+35 (°F +23/+95)
Battery type Lithium
Nominal Voltage Volt 25,2
Nominal Capacity Wh 512
Maximum recharging time h 6
Charger power supply Volt 110/220 50/60HZ
Accessories included:
Battery Gauge
Fiber Carbon Proplock Propeller
HD Shaft Seal
Cleaning and Lubrication Kit
Tow Leash with boltsnap and bungee

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