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Enluva – great choice for cold dives!

  • 100 % pure virgin wool
  • Seamless construction which make it durable and amazingly comfortable
  • Knitted and felted
  • Resistant against compression – making it perfect for diving

The yarns that are used for our gloves are made from 100% virgin wool. A natural material that has excellent technical properties. Sheep wool is a material with high elasticity and very good insulation properties. Due to the natural fat content of the wool, which is partly left in the yarn, it is water-repellent. Wool can absorb a large amount of moisture without feeling wet.

Glove is completely knitted. That means: it is seamless!

Seams represent a weak point in several respects:

  • -They are usually the primary vulnerability. As soon as the smallest point in a seam loosens, it quickly opens wider and the glove is tattered into its individual parts.
  • -The material is usually double at the seams and is connected by the seam with additional thread, whereby it is strongly compressed at this point. On the one hand, this creates a bead that severely restricts the sense of touch and mobility at this point. On the other hand, the insulation effect is reduced at this point. Since a single sewn glove can have a seam length of up to 1 m in total, this is an aspect that definitely plays a role. Flexibility is also lost due to an inelastic seam.
  • With our seamlessly knitted construction, we have completely eliminated these problem areas. We have a constant elasticity in all 3 dimensions of the entire glove and a perfectly constant insulation and fit, also between the fingers to the fingertips.
  • But that’s not all: our gloves are additionally felted (drummed) in a special and exclusive process after knitting. During this process, the individual fibers of the knitted woolen yarn are additionally entangled / felted with one another using a machine process, thus creating a kind of superordinate bond of the knitted part in addition to the knitted fabric. This increases the density and homogeneity of the material, thereby combining the advantages of fleece and knitted fabric.

Size 6.5: Length of middle finger (measured between ring finger and middle finger) 7.5 cm, width of the back of the hand (measured at the widest point) 9 cm

Size 8: length middle finger 8.5 cm, width back of hand 10 cm

Size 8.5: length middle finger 9 cm, width back of hand 10.5 cm

Size 9: length middle finger 10 cm, width back of hand ll cm

Size 10: length middle finger 11 cm, width back of hand ll, 5 cm

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